The Licht Family

My very last holiday shoot of the year!  Whew!  I’m tired!

I had so much fun getting to know the Licht family.  I absolutely love Madeleine and Josh’s love story.  Madeleine, who is from Sweeden, and Josh, who is from the US, met in Greece in the Summer of 2005.  They spent the whole week together in Greece.  Madeleine returned home, but they decided to meet up a week later in Berlin, and then in London, and then Josh went to Sweden for three weeks.  Josh invited Madeleine to his brother’s wedding in Las Vegas and Madeleine said she would go if Josh sent her a ticket.  The next day the ticket was emailed to her!  She was supposed to stay in LA for a month and has now been her for 5 years.  Isn’t that romantic?

Madeleine, Josh, and their two daughters Abigail and Mackenzie just returned from living in Sweden for awhile.  That’s where Mackenzie, who is just 4 months old, was born.  Both girls have dual citizenship.  How cool is that!  Abigail also speaks fluent Swedish!  Smart little lady!

It was great getting to know you all!  Here’s your slideshow!

06 copy

10 copy

15 copy

22 copy

24 copy

26 copy

35 copy

37 copy

45 copy

48 copy

57 copy

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5 Responses to The Licht Family

  1. tamsen says:

    these are GORGEOUS images!!! love them all!

  2. Briony says:

    these are gorgeous, just full of happiness :) beautiful work!

  3. Tira J says:

    GORGEOUS images Drew! So precious.

  4. Leslie G. says:

    The second to last one is to die for! Beautiful parents, beautiful family!

  5. hong says:

    Reading their romantic love story , I really felt happy for the sweet family. Love the pictures all full of joy, warm and happiness.

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