The Cox Family

This is one of my favorite family sessions of the year!  Last year I shot Natasha and her daughters, Kylee, and Lexee.  And this year Natasha’s boyfriend, Joe, got to come along as well!  It’s great to see how much the girls love Joe.  Hopefully I will be shooting their wedding soon ;)

Natasha is friends with another one of my clients and after she saw their family session from this summer she trusted me to let me pick the location and I think it worked very well with their family.  I love how she brought some funky outfits for the girls to change into.  We had a great time together and I think it shows in the pictures.  Below are some of my favorites and here’s the slideshow!

Lexee doesn’t like to eat her vegetables

Kylee does like her veggies.  She’s a vegetarian.

Sometimes Lexee needs to be reminded of this…

And mom needs to be reminded of this…

But, they never have to be reminded to do this…


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11 Responses to The Cox Family

  1. lroah says:

    These are so fun!!! Love them.

  2. erica sergio says:

    this session is so fun drew! i especially love the chalkboard shot & the parking spot ones.

  3. ashleyb says:

    +1 I LOVE the chalkboard shot, too and the parking spots are too good to be true

  4. Lynda says:

    What a great venue…………..where is it?

  5. Drewsmom says:

    This is a great session, Drew!! What a beautiful family!!

  6. Christy says:

    I love these pics, Drew! Such a creative location and poses! I love the “Smile” shot. :)

  7. Love these! They are so cute! My favorite is of the little one on the bike. I love all of the parking spot pictures too. So fun!

  8. Ashley Rose says:

    Wow Drew awesome location!!!! I am in love with the parking spots :) soooo awesome!
    And I love the bike image with the lil girls legs up! Cuteness!

  9. Bobbie Brown says:

    Love this shoot! But that first picture just stole the show! It is GORGEOUS!

  10. Michelle says:

    Great photos! That first one is just gorgeous…

  11. drew! how the heck did you do the parking lot shot??? that’s too kool for words.

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