The Bernard Family

I was so lucky to do a shoot with not only someone who’s become a great friend, but also one of the most fabulous florists in Orange County, Jenny B.  Yeah, she has a super cool name too, right?  I think that’s why DrewB and Jenny B became such good friends :)  I met Jen a couple of years ago at a wedding and I just fell in love with her flowers.  She’s so creative and innovative.  I refer her to all of my brides.  

Jen and her husband, Jason, are expecting a baby boy!  And guess what?  She’s due on February 12, which is Brayden’s birthday!  They don’t have a name picked out yet, but I think Drew is a fabulous name for a little boy!

They already have a gorgeous daughter, Ava.  I hadn’t seen Ava since she was a year and half and she’s such a big girl now!  She’s in love with princesses and gold fish (the crackers) and soccer!  All of my favorite things too!

I think I talked Jen into doing a maternity session and a newborn session so hopefully you’ll see more of this gorgeous family on my blog soon!  For now here are there family pictures!


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6 Responses to The Bernard Family

  1. erica sergio says:

    that last shot is INSANE! love them all.

  2. LOVE the last shot the best! I remember how amazing it feels to be on your dads shoulders- perfect perfect family shot! Great shoot Drew! What a beautiful family

  3. I LOVE these! I actually met with Jenny when I was planning my wedding , and she did my friends wedding – her work is Ah-mazing! Her family is too adorable, and you captured it perfectly! I cant wait to see her maternitiy pictures and her new little man when he comes into the world – and what better photographer to shoot it ?

  4. what a beautiful family. i 3rd the insanity of the last shot!!!

  5. Bobbie Brown says:

    These are amazing! The most amazing is the 3rd picture from the bottom – WOW! (I am just now getting a chance to look at your blog for the first time in awhile, I normally check it every single day – I recently had my baby so I am a little behind! But as always, I am not disappionted in what I am seeing here!)

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