Rhiannon and Eric – Engaged!

I was contacted by the sweetest guy a few days before Christmas asking if I was available to photograph his proposal the day after Christmas.  Typically I’m not available at such short notice.  But, the stars aligned and I happened to have the evening free!  Proposals are SO much fun and just from chatting with Eric for a few minutes I could tell how excited and in love he was with his girlfriend.  He is just the sweetest guy.  Rhiannon is a lucky girl!

The day of the proposal it was windy and a bit chilly, but clear and beautiful.  I spotted the two of them walking along the cliff and let them pass me.  As I rounded the corner Eric was already on one knee!  It was a fast proposal.  I mean, the guy was on a mission.  He was ready and knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Rhiannon.

The moment she realized Eric’s family was watching from a balcony.

We practiced for their engagement pictures while waiting for his family to walk down :)

Calling her mom :)    As we chatted a bit I found out that Rhiannon went to UCI, which is the school I attended before transferring to UCLA.  I figured if she was in the Greek system she was probably a Tri Delt because she’s absolutely gorgeous and so sweet.  Turns out my hunch was right.  Such a small world that we were in the same sorority.  Made it even more fun that we had that in common :)

Congrats, Eric and Rhiannon!  Can’t wait to see wedding pictures and hopefully photograph you all in the future when you start a family!!!

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  1. Stunning!! All photos are full of fun and joy. Amazing capture.

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