Mr. & Mrs. Pallares

What?!?  A wedding on my blog?  I know.  It’s been a while.  But, it was worth the wait!

I told Heidi and Chris that they were my favorite couple of the year.  But, Heidi, being the avid blog reader that she is, called me out on it when she realized that they were my first wedding of the year :)  I just love these two so much.  It was one of those weddings where I teared up several times throughout the day.  The first time was right after Heidi put her dress on and I was taking her picture next to the window.  She started to tear up and said, “I’m having a very surreal moment right now”.  And that totally made me start crying because I remember having the same exact feeling on my wedding day.  I try to be professional, but sometimes my emotions get the better of me :)

Heidi and Chris were married at Il Cielo in Beverly Hills.  They got ready at the Beverly Wilshire hotel and being the weekend of the Oscars I knew we would see some stars (I saw Tracy Morgan in the lobby).  It was an elegant location for a very elegant and sophisticated couple.  I’m so happy the weather was great and there was no rain!  Yeah!  The flowers were exquisite.  Bliss Fine Florals did an amazing job!

Heidi and Chris, it has been so special to work with you two.  I love everything about your love story.  You two were just mean to be together and it shows.  Thank you so very much for allowing me to be a part of your day!  Here’s your slideshow!

Heidi had her grandmother’s pearls wrapped around her bouquet.  

I love this shot.  Love the look on Heidi’s mom’s face.  Love the reflection of the dress and Heidi getting her make up done.  Love it.

Heidi was a stunning bride

This is where we both got a little teary

First Look

My favorite shot of the day

Love the flowers by Bliss Fine Florals!

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13 Responses to Mr. & Mrs. Pallares

  1. Great pictures! You are crazy talented! That dress is stunning.

  2. Katy Regnier says:

    I love all of these, what a beautiful couple and beautiful wedding! I just wanted to let you know the slideshow link didn’t work for me. I’m not sure if it worked for anyone else. Gorgeous work Drew!

  3. Jayme says:

    OMG Drew… all pics are amazing as always… but the FIRST LOOK ones, took my breath away… FANTASTIC.

  4. Jasmine* says:

    I smell a SAMPLE ALBUM in the works! ;)
    What a gorgeous wedding!

  5. jamie says:

    i love love love these drew. so when can i come for a “wedding day “with drew?? : )

  6. Christy says:

    Beautiful, Drew! Gorgeous location. Stunning color scheme. So chic! I love it!!! You did such an amazing job with this shoot! What a way to start off the 2009 wedding season! :)

  7. So fun to see a wedding up! I love that bout and those bouquets- fun that each bouquet is different. Great shots, as always!

  8. Tracy says:

    So beautiful Drew. They are going to absolutely love them!!!

  9. Trista says:

    Beautiful Drew! I love the shot of the bridal party walking down the street and that ring shot totally rocks…did you use your video light for that one? ;-)

  10. drew! you kick ass! these photos are GorGeoUs!!!

  11. Bobbie Brown says:

    your fav is my fav! But I also looooove the bridal party walking down the street and the ring shot!

  12. Megan Beth says:

    (not going to lie, I was going through some wedding withdrawal) But, wow drew, stunning! The flowers, the dress, the KS shoes, the cake, the COUPLE….SO HOT! You did an amazing job, as always!

    PS have you ever had the nightmares when you were younger that you went to school and forgot to put on clothes…or you show up to a wedding without your camera? Well I had one the other night where I was at a wedding and started crying so hard that I forgot to shoot… LOL, whoops. So glad you held it together :)

  13. Deyla Huss says:

    Yowzers! Gorgeous! Love the lines in the groomsmen shot and the cake HOLY MOLY!!!

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