Mr. & Mrs. Masuko

I’d been watching the weather all week.  Thursday – Sunny and 90 degrees.  Friday – Sunny and 88 degrees.  Saturday – Rain and 68 degrees.  Sunday – Sunny and 85 degrees.  Rain in October?  It never rains in October!  I wasn’t the only one watching the weather closely.  Alison and Wayde had a beautiful OUTDOOR wedding planned at the Fullerton Arboretum and I know they were constantly checking on the weather.  When I met with Alison on Saturday she seemed calm and collected on the outside, but I know she was really nervous.  Not just because of the rain, but she couldn’t wait to see Wayde.  Alison has a gorgeous smile and it was a little hard to coax it out of her before the ceremony, but as soon as she saw Wayde I saw that genuine smile that I remembered from her engagement session.  The smile that only Wayde can get out of Alison. 

Luckily we got nothing more than a few sprinkles and Alison and Wayde’s wedding went off without a hitch.  The venue is absolutely gorgeous.  I loved the ceremony under the big tree and the outdoor reception.  The flowers were done by Flower Allie and were amazing!  I also loved that they had an artist at their reception who painted their reception as it happened.  And last, but not least, they had the best string quartet I’ve ever heard. Contact Lisa with Batavia Strings for more info

Congratulations Alison and Wayde!  Enjoy Jamaica!  Here’s your slideshow.

Alison and Wayde gave their bridal party and parents leis and then exchanged them with each other.  Love that idea!

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3 Responses to Mr. & Mrs. Masuko

  1. Alicia says:

    The pumpkin image is to die for! Perfect for fall!

  2. Oh My! I am so excited to see a fall wedding. Personally, I have always had a thing for the yellows, oranges, and reds in a color scheme. Absolutely lovely. You captured all the details so well.

  3. sandie says:

    I love all these images! the fullerton areboretum is amazing and you made it look even better! I love the shots under the red Garden trellis. Super moody and love the light you used!

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