Mr. & Mrs. Durst

Sandy and Dave were married on September 6 at Eucalyptus Lane in Ventura. Eucalyptus Lane is a hidden gem! It’s a gorgeous venue complete with an old barn, garden, broken down piano, and a trampoline! I love how the reception was held in the rustic barn with twinkle lights, candles, and chandeliers. It was just spectacular!

Sandy and Dave, I hope you had a fabulous time in Kauai! How could you not there? Congratulations and here is your slideshow!

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2 Responses to Mr. & Mrs. Durst

  1. Ashley says:

    I ADORE that image of the bride in front of the window! It’s stunning!

  2. The bride is so glamorous. I think the photo of the bride next to the piano is so great.

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