Mr & Mrs Dietz-Velez

It was just over a year and a half ago that I first met Marisa.  She was doing the hair and makeup for one of my favorite brides.  My last wedding before having Brayden.  Little did I know that just a year and a half later Marisa would now be a friend and my fabulous hair dresser.  I didn’t meet Jaime until their engagement session.  I had  heard a lot about him from friends and friends of friends and he didn’t disappoint.  Not only is he one of the nicest grooms I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with he is also one of the funniest AND most stylish.

My favorite thing about Marisa and Jaime is not how gorgeous they are or how nice and caring they are, but it’s how they make each other light up when they are around each other.  Jaime can get Marisa to smile like no one else.  Marisa can get Jaime to laugh like no one else.  Not only are they totally and completely in love, but they love to be together.  They’ve been together since high school and you can tell.  They are so comfortable around each other.  It’s an awesome thing to get to photograph a couple like that.

Marisa and Jaime, thank you for choosing me to capture your wedding day!  I had so much fun with you two!  I hope you are having the most amazing time in Italy together!  Can’t wait to hear all about it.  Here’s your slideshow!

Marisa and Jaime were married at the Mission Inn in Riverside.  This place was photographer heaven!

002 copy

I loved the sixpence in Marisa’s shoe

001 copy

Lucky Marisa had all of her very talented friends to make her even more gorgeous

003 copy

And one of my very talented friends, Jenny B, did the flowers

008 copy

011 copy

This mirror was Marisa’s grandmother’s.  Several women in her family have gotten ready on their wedding day in front of it.

012 copy

Marisa’s very talented mom made her handkerchief from Marisa’s baby bonnet

013 copy

014 copy

015 copy

Looks like we’re in Europe, right?  Nope.  We’re in good ‘ol Riverside

016 copy

018 copy

019 copy

020 copy

Marisa told me that Jaime’s wedding outfit cost more than her dress so I was excited to capture all of the details

006 copy

023 copy

024 copy

The knife kind of scared me a little.  But, it’s not their gang.  Just their skateboarding gang :)

026 copy

022 copy

027 copy

029 copy

These guys have been BFF since elementary school

030 copy

The ceremony was beautiful and wonderful and very short!  Short and sweet and to the point :)

033 copy

034 copy

036 copy

037 copy

039 copy

Yep.  We’re still in Riverside.

040 copy

042 copy

045 copy

046 copy

047 copy

048 copy

051 copy

Another great father daughter dance!

052 copy

061 copy

And a big special thank you to one of my most favorite brides ever, Ashley, for bringing us together :)

063 copy

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13 Responses to Mr & Mrs Dietz-Velez

  1. Amazing work Drew, you are one of the best in OC in my opinion!

  2. Julie Carson says:

    You are a total liar. There is no way that is the same Mission Inn that I have driven by hundreds of times. I think you secretly went to Spain! Can I please get a time machine and go back ten years so you can shoot my wedding? Stunning. I am still sort of freaking out that beauty is in Riverside. No offense, Riverside, but wow!!! Can I go and have a fake wedding there? One of my girls will have to get married there. Not a choice. You better still be shooting weddings in twenty years too!

  3. Anna says:

    Wow, what a beautiful couple and venue. These pictures are amazing!

  4. Kat Forsyth says:

    SO gorgeous, Drew! And as always I am dying at the beauty that is this venue!

  5. erin conrad says:

    these are some of my favorite of yours ever. great work!

  6. Tira J says:

    Beautiful work Drew!

  7. Trista says:

    Beautiful Drew! That ring shot is sooo RAD!

  8. Monick S. says:

    I LOVE the Mission Inn in Riverside! It takes you to a whole new world!

  9. Annie says:

    GREAT pictures! And what a beautiful bride. Love the location.

  10. AbiQ says:

    Gorgeous!!! What an awesome venue!!

  11. You described Marisa & Jaime to a tee! They have been an absolute pleasure to work with! (I designed their wedding invitations :) .) I just wanted to tell you that these photos are amazing and I still can’t believe that’s Riverside!

  12. Bethany says:

    You are an amazing photographer. And I’m sure it helps that the bride and groom look like movie stars! Great job. Love the location.

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