Mr. & Mrs. Blalock – Day After

I already knew I loved Natalie and Scott. They have been a joy to work with from day 1. It is usually the bride that I get to know the best because they are my contact and, let’s face it, it’s the bride’s day. Most grooms don’t love getting their pictures taken. I know that. And that’s why I try to make it easy and a little fun for them. So, when it was 100 degrees this past weekend, I figured Scott wasn’t going to be too happy about having to get back in his suit to take their day after pictures. However, I was totally wrong. The guy didn’t complain once! He was fun and came up with great ideas and poses. He was even giving Natalie a little direction (not like she needs it. The girl is a natural in front of the camera!). At the end of the shoot I told Scott how impressed I was and he said, “You know Drew, marriage is all about compromise”. He’s so right! Scott knew that shooting this day after session meant a lot to Natalie and he just wanted to be with is bride. I love these two! I’m sad my shoots with them are done, but hopefully we will be doing maternity and baby pictures in the future (but, not too soon because Natalie has to finish her masters first!).

Oh, and if this little story didn’t convince you of their awesomeness then this picture will. Don’t kill me for posting this, Natalie!


This picture just cracks me up! I told you. The girl has mad modeling skills :)

Here are my favorites from the session!












PS Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad! I love you!

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7 Responses to Mr. & Mrs. Blalock – Day After

  1. simply beautiful… awesome couple too!

  2. NatalieBlalock says:

    Drew…you have done it once again! OMG…these pictures make my heart skip a beat and I just can’t believe how amazing they are! You have got talent and I can’t wait for our next session…thank you for making it so special!

  3. Trista Lerit says:

    LOL Drew….gotta love the first one!!! I can’t imagine how you got her to pose like that AND then let you take a picture of her! That’s a great couple for sure ;-) My fav is the one of her standing on the rock by herself…love it!

  4. Beautiful photos…they look like they were a fun couple to shoot!

  5. the first on is the money shot!!! love it! you wouldn’t of thought she could be prettier than on her wedding day, well these images prove that wrong!

    thanks again for the honor of shooting with you drewbie!!

  6. Ooooh beautiful shots, Drew! Love them all!!! Gorgeous

  7. These are gorgeous!!!

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