Mr and Mrs Murray

To say I am behind on blogging is a bit of an understatement.  Now that I’m done with the holiday rush and all of my clients have their galleries up and prints for Christmas I can start the fun part… blogging all of these sessions!  First up, Cameron and Annabelle.

Cam and Anne were married on November 26 at Ponte Winery in Temecula.  It was a gorgeous and unseasonably warm day.  Cameron is the third (and final) sibling in the Murray family whose wedding I have photographed.  It’s so fun feeling like part of the family at a wedding.  And the Murray family always makes me feel like family!

Cameron and Annabelle’s wedding was inspired by Annabelle’s fascination of old treasures and trinkets.  In particular, it was old books that caught Annabelle’s eye as she perused her local flea market.  She knew she had to incorporate them into her wedding.

Once she saw this tutorial on 100 Layer Cake she knew that’s how the books would be incorporated into her wedding.  Annabelle, Cameron, and a few of her bridesmaids spent countless hours making over 400 paper flowers.  They were used in the bouquets, boutonnieres, and center pieces.  They were amazing.  Because at first glance you didn’t even notice they were paper.  Murrieta Flower Girl did a great job incorporating the paper flowers with real flowers.

I love how Annabelle said, “Inspiration is everywhere for me. With that, my countless arts & craft nights combined with great bonding time and just plain ol’ everyday adventures gave me the clarity that ultimately became … our wedding”.

The whole wedding was just spectacular and magical.  I’m so happy I could be a part of it!  Here’s the slideshow!

Yummy cupcakes by Hey There Cupcake!

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7 Responses to Mr and Mrs Murray

  1. Kaylin murray says:

    Drew, What can I possibly say???!! You are amazing!!! Oh, and guess what??…. I cried when I saw the slideshow!!! Surprise!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart…again!! You have been one of the most important people in my life because YOU make the memories come to life again and again!!!!you are as gifted as you are sweet. Kendall said to me once that she is jealous of your family (in a good way). That’s a compliment! Oh, and don’t think this relationship is over just because we’re out of weddings….not by a long shot!! You can’t get rid of us that easily!!! I really adore you! Love, kaylin

  2. Bobbie Brown says:

    Whoa! Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous location, gorgeous everything!

  3. Philip Matzigkeit says:

    What STUNNING PHOTOS! These are as gorgeous as I’ve ever seen. Your design education already in evidence. May your life together be as dreamy (ok from time to time) as your fantasy photographs.

  4. Erica says:

    Truely inspiring you are! amazing pictures!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the details and the moments you captured… love your work! :)

  6. Gabriela ferreira says:

    your bouquets are so beautiful and yet they look real , my daughter is getting married and she came across this bouquet of yours that she is going crazy for me to do the same exact way you have it, do you mind telling me how you pick your colors and all the flowers on your bouquet and also the sizes you did , my daughter wants me to do 10 of these bouquets which it looks so professional it’s just breath taking, my name Gabby and I do a lot of crafts but because it’s my daughter’s wedding and she wants this bouquet so bad I thought you wouldn’t mind telling me the colors the type of flowers you did and sizes too. I loved the wedding pictures I think you did amazing job you were beautifu the bridesmaids were so beautiful. Wish you the best

  7. Kelly says:

    This wedding is absolutely my inspiration. Just beautiful.
    Like Gabby’s daughter, I also can not move past your stunning bouquets. I am hoping for a budget wedding, with plenty of DIY projects.
    How did you learn to make these flowers? – would you have any resources you could pass on?
    Thanks so much, Kelly

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