Mr and Mrs Golovkin

It’s an honor when anyone asks me to be a part of their wedding day.  But, it’s especially an honor when I get asked back by a family to shoot another one of their children’s weddings.  I first shot Matt and Rachel’s wedding in Idaho in the summer of 2008.  Next up was this wedding, Matt’s younger sister Kendall and her husband also named Matt.  And lastly will be their brother Cameron and his bride Annabelle in November.  I practically feel like family now :)

It makes shooting weddings like this so much fun.  It’s great to see familiar faces and to know everyone’s stories.  It makes going to work not seem like work.  You feel like a guest because everything is so much more personal.  I got teary when Kendall walked down the aisle with her dad and saw how excited she was to see Matt.  I had to hide my ugly crying face behind my camera when Kendall danced with her dad.  Not just because I know how close their relationship is, but because it was the first wedding I shot after my baby girl Kennedy was born.  All I could do was picture Chuck dancing with Kennedy at her wedding.

It was so fun to see how excited Kendall and her mom, Kaylin, got seeing their vision of the wedding come to life.  Kaylin cried.  A lot.  She even cried when she saw the amazing dessert room :)   It was so cute!

It was an absolute honor to photograph Kendall and Matt’s wedding.  Thank you to the Murray family for asking me back and entrusting me with the memories of one of the most important days in all of your children’s lives.  It means so, so much to me and I can’t wait to see you all in November!  Here’s the slideshow!

Venue:  Pacific Palms Resort

Coordinator:  Platinum Weddings by Kerrie

Florist:  Flower Allie

DJ / Lighting:  LSM Entertainment

Cake: Sweet and Saucy Shop

I love Flower Allie.  Her flowers are always unique and beautiful!

This locket belonged to Kendall’s grandmother.

Kerrie Underhill from Platinum Weddings from Kerrie did an amazing job making Kendall’s vision a reality.  I love the touch of vintage details while keeping the wedding romantic and elegant.

The buffet was so tasty!  They had every type of food imaginable including a “Kiddie Station”.  Perfect for kids and picky eaters like myself :)  

Kendall and Matt didn’t just have a desert table.  They had an entire dessert room!  Hello?  Amazing!

If there is one piece of advice I can give to couples planning their wedding I would tell them to invest in good lighting for your reception.  Good lighting can transform a boring ball room into a beautiful and elegant reception.  Makes such a remarkable difference!  LSM Entertainment provided the lighting as well as the DJ services.  One of the best DJ’s I’ve worked with.  Kept the party going the entire time and played AWESOME music! 

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3 Responses to Mr and Mrs Golovkin

  1. Emilie says:

    Gorgeous photos! Looks like a beautiful wedding. :)

  2. Your images are fantastic. The lighting is amazing! Beautiful. Simply beautiful!

  3. kendall says:

    if I have one piece of advice for couples getting married it is to invest in a good PHOTOGRAPHER! the lighting is nothing without a good photographer :) we love drew!

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