Mr and Mrs Chong

Karen and Alex were married on a perfect August day in Pasadena. They got lucky with a very mild August day (75 degrees!). I got lucky because a very nice security guard let us shoot at Pasadena City Hall after we had been denied a permit (they were shooting a movie). It’s such a perfect backdrop for pictures!

02 copy

It took Karen’s bridesmaids quite some time to get her in her dress. They even had an instructional video to follow!

05 copy

07 copy

12 copy

The Courtyard outside the Westin has some amazing picture spots

13 copy

15 copy

16 copy

17 copy

18 copy

First look

20 copy

21 copy

23 copy

I just love Pasadena City Hall.  I could have shot there for hours and hours.

24 copy

26 copy

27 copy

29 copy

30 copy

31 copy

Love this moment right before Karen walked down the aisle.  She leaned over and whispered to her Dad, “You ready, Daddy?”.

37 copy

For you photogs out there, this church was DARK.  No flash allowed and of course we had to stand at the back of the aisle.  This shot was taken with an ISO of 4000!  Thank goodness for the 5D Mark II and for the amazing noise reduction in Lightroom 3!

41 copy

This shot was taken with the original 5D at only a 1600 ISO, but without the noise reduction in Light Room 3 it would have looked horrible!

IMG_4694 copy copy

45 copy

A few more pictures after the ceremony

47 copy

I don’t understand how a Bruin can marry a Trojan!  It’s a good thing Karen is a really cool girl ;)

50 copy

52 copy

Karen is so crafty.  She made this cute sign!

53 copy

The Westin Pasadena is a gorgeous place for a wedding!

54 copy

Right before Karen and Alex did their grand entrance a huge ceiling tile came crashing down!  I was too shocked to get a picture of it.  Thankfully no one was hurt!

56 copy

57 copy

58 copy

59 copy

64 copy

Congratulations, Alex and Karen!  I have enjoyed getting to know the both of you so much.  Your love for one another is so evident and I have been honored to be able to capture it.  I hope you are enjoying your South African honeymoon!  Hopefully you didn’t lose any limbs feeding the great whites :)  Here’s your slideshow!

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7 Responses to Mr and Mrs Chong

  1. Beautiful pictures Drew! Looks like such a gorgeous wedding.

  2. Miss Darcy says:

    GORGEOUS!!! Absolutely beautiful Drew!

  3. Meghan says:

    I am so excited to see these!! L.O.V.E. them!!! They call can out beautifully!! The ones in the church look great! You would have never known how dark it was. Next time just ask them to “turn the lights up”. :)

  4. Amber says:

    I love the effect of the flashes going off in the pictures at the reception. It’s like a little diamond off to the side! Great pictures!

  5. aaron says:

    I Love those images taken in the city hall, beautiful photo!

  6. Ki says:

    These are so beautiful it made me teary eyed looking at their pictures!! What a great couple! I especially love the one of Karen just before she walks down the aisle. Alex looks great, too!!

    Great seeing you Drew. You were so relaxed when we saw you at the wedding…it reminded me of how nice it was to have you as our professional but cool photographer =D.

  7. Lucy says:

    beautiful pictures! you really captured the joy of that day!

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