Mom*tog Unposing Guide

I am SO excited to announce that the Mom*tog Unposing Guide is finally done and ready for purchase!  The Unposing Guide is for professional photographers (or pros in training) who want to learn how to take more relaxed and fun family portraits.  What is an Unpose? It’s a means to get to the reactions and interactions I want from my clients. It’s a way to break the habit of saying “Cheese!”. And a way to break the ice. Every time I use an Unpose I get different results because each family is unique and different. I love capturing families being themselves at that particular stage in their lives. I don’t want to pose them and make them something they’re not. Sometimes it’s the Unpose I want to photograph and other times it’s the reaction from the Unpose I want. Both are great for capturing relaxed and natural family sessions!

To learn more and purchase visit Mom*tog!

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