Ki Hyun & Andrew – Part I

I love cultural wedding ceremonies.  They are fun and different and I find myself so intrigued with what’s going on sometimes that I realize I need to do my job and keep shooting!

I’ve decided that I want to be Korean.  They have cool parties and traditions.  And, well, I don’t have a whole lot of culture.  I traced my mom’s side of the family back to Ireland and we know my husband is Irish (he’s a redhead after all!) and German.  But, we don’t have any fun family traditions or celebrations besides all of the normal stuff.  We’re just… boring!

After going to Brayden’s friend Kylan’s first birthday party we stole some Korean traditions for his own birthday party.  And now after shooting Ki Hyun and Andrew’s Korean wedding ceremony I’m sold.  I loved their Hanboks, the throwing of the chestnuts and dates, and the speeches and toasts.  But, most of all, I loved how both families came together to celebrate the traditions of their culture and the love of Ki Hyun and Andrew.  It was really special to be a part of that!  Here are some of my favorites.  Stay tuned for their amazing wedding!

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3 Responses to Ki Hyun & Andrew – Part I

  1. Briony says:

    these are fantastic! i love all the colors and the natural light is sooo beautiful!

  2. these are wonderful…so colorful and vibrant. I love traditions, customs and being a part of them when it’s possible. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I was cracking up while reading your post! :) I love the colors in these, it looks like so much fun!

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