Danielle, Matt, and Baby Stella

I was so excited to shoot Danielle and Matt’s maternity session.  Not only because I got to shoot at one of my favorite locations, which also happens to be their home,  but also because I love Danielle and Matt.  Danielle is our old sitter.  ”Dannyelle” as Brayden lovingly calls her.  When we saw her with our neighbor’s boy across the street we knew we had to have her.  She is so great with kids.  Sadly she left us too soon to get a “real” job. But, lucky for us, she’s more than just our sitter now. She’s a family friend and we are lucky to have her in our lives.

Fast forward a couple of years and they are now expecting a baby girl.  Stella.  I have no doubts Matt and Danielle will be amazing parents.  Matt is just as good with kids as Danielle is.  He’s a big teddy bear. They love each other and you can see their love for their baby girl already.  I can’t wait to meet her in less than two month!

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  1. Debbie Parker says:

    I am the proud mother of Danielle and soon to be grandmother of little Stella. Thank you, Drew, for doing such an awesome job photographing the three of them. I am in tears looking at the beautiful pictures and reading the heartfelt message you included. Isn’t life wonderful the way people become a part of our lives and we are forever touched and changed by them? I am so grateful for my loving family and friends as I know Danielle and Matt are with theirs. Thank you so much – you are a very talented photographer and special person in their lives.

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