Allison and Grant

There are lots of reasons why I think Allison and Grant are cool.  But, the number one reason is because Allison’s last name is Grant.  And she’s marrying a guy whose name happens to be Grant.  When she gets married she won’t be Allison Grant anymore, but there will always be Allison and Grant :)  I think that’s cool.  Almost as cool as when my friend Jill got married and her name became Jill Gill!

Allison and Grant went to high school together and started dating when they both attended Cal State Northridge.  Grant proposed to Allison on a beach not far from the one we shot on in Malibu.

Allison is the sister of one of my past clients, Nancy, who got married in May.  I’m SO excited to work with this family again.  I was secretly keeping my fingers crossed that Allison would call me to shoot her wedding when I saw that she was engaged.  It worked!  Can’t wait for next June to work with the Grant family as well as meet Grant’s family!  Here’s the slideshow!

0001 copy

0007 copy

0009 copy

0010 copy

0013 copy

0016 copy

0020 copy

0023 copy

0026 copy

0027 copy

0029 copy

0030 copy

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3 Responses to Allison and Grant

  1. Nicole says:

    Oh I love the barn! Cool!

  2. Beautiful photos! I love your style!

  3. bobbie brown says:

    Love love love the beach shots! The whole shoot is awesome!

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