Albums, Albums, Albums!

What have I been doing with all my spare time now that I’m on maternity leave (Haha!  What spare time?)? Working on wedding albums! A lot of photographers don’t like to design albums, but I actually like it. I especially like it when my couples give me the creative freedom to design the albums with the pictures that I think will work best. Albums are heirloom pieces and the design should really stand the test of time. I know when I got married I jammed as many pictures as I could in my album. But, 2 1/2 years later, I really wish I would have gone with a more simple and clean layout. My albums definitely still have a couple of pages where I will cram in a bunch of pictures, but I want the overall effect to be as timeless as possible.

Here’s one of my favorite albums that I’ve designed lately. It’s from Rita and Scott’s wedding in Puerto Vallarta! What a fun wedding! Check out the whole design here!




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8 Responses to Albums, Albums, Albums!

  1. denise says:

    love this! and yaaa…. really… what spare time! lol

  2. Ashley says:

    Love it…great job. Can’t wait to see mine! ♥

  3. MsB says:

    Very nice!!! May I ask what you use to design these layouts, PS or AL?

  4. drewb says:

    Hi Ms. B,
    For this album I designed the whole thing in Photoshop. Normally I use Yervant’s Page Gallery, but I wanted cleaner layouts so I just designed it all myself. It didn’t take too much longer than using Page Gallery and I like the outcome a lot better!


  5. I never really realized how much work album design was until I did our guest book photo album. But it’s great to see the end product. Great job on this!

  6. i love the layout with the arches!! wow. your couples wedding album layouts are in great hands!! you designed it beautifully drew!

  7. MsB says:

    Aww, thank you so much for your time, Drew!

  8. Dawn says:

    Just gorgeous Drew! I love the simplicity. It gives it elegance and timelessness, but still does a great job telling the story! I’m so far behind on my albums, but you’ve inspired me!!!


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