Mr and Mrs Wiggins

Andrea and Dana’s wedding was my last of 2010 and it was a great way to end the year!  I loved working with the two of them.  Super laid back and easy going and they were more concerned about all of their family and friends having a great time than anything else.  Speaking of friends and family, they were all SO nice!  Made the day so fun and easy.  And Andrea’s attention to detail is impeccable!  Loved all of her props and fun touches!

Andrea and Dana got ready at the Hotel La Casa Del Camino in Laguna Beach.  Big thanks to Andrea’s awesome friend, Sam, who talked the management in to letting Andrea get ready in the Billabong suite!

Flowers by Desdemonia’s Flowers

01 copy

02 copy

04 copy

05 copy

08 copy

11 copy

12 copy

14 copy

Dana was a big motocross star and his best year was 1992.  Hence his nickname, 92.

15 copy

This was the first time Dana has every written Andrea a card!  Hard to believe!  Andrea was very touched.

18 copy

19 copy

The weather forecast for their wedding day looked great all week.  Low 80′s in December!  But, that day the weather didn’t want to cooperate.  It was sunny and warm on one side of the street and totally socked in on the other side of the street.  Of course the side of the street we needed to shoot on.  I like the moodiness of the fog, though!  Very romantic!

28 copy

32 copy

33 copy

34 copy

38 copy

39 copy

42 copy

47 copy

Andrea and Dana were married at Tivoli Terrace in Laguna Beach.  Andrea’s niece / flowergirl just started walking so she needed a little help.  Isn’t this the cutest?

48 copy

50 copy

52 copy

Andrea’s brother in law married them.  I love when a couple chooses to have someone who really knows them officiate the ceremony.  Makes it that much more special and personal.

55 copy

58 copy

59 copy

62 copy

64 copy

65 copy

45 copy

Congrats, Andrea and Dana!  Thanks for including me in your day!  Here’s the slideshow!

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9 Responses to Mr and Mrs Wiggins

  1. Beautiful wedding and gorgeous images! I love all the little touches and what an awesome suite!

  2. Nicole says:

    Love the fog on the beach!

  3. Julie says:

    Beautiful images, beautiful wedding.

  4. Wow. So beautiful. What perfect pictures. You documented their day magnificently! So beautiful! Wishing them many years of happiness : ) What a beautiful couple!

  5. Kimberly says:

    I love this wedding, you did a beautiful job.
    My friend wore similar Badgley Mischka shoes at her wedding in November.

  6. Brooke says:

    Totally gorgeous Drew.. And the fog.. oh, what a treat!!

  7. Andrea Wiggins says:

    Everyones comments are so sweet! Drew did a great job capturing such a perfect day! She really is the most amazing photographer and such a sweet person overall. :)

  8. Gina Vander Meer says:


    Thank you so much for keeping my daughters special day alive everytime I look at the photos/slideshow and still cry as I did that day. You are an amazing photographer. We cant thank you enough!

  9. Beautiful wedding and very creative photos. I like the way this professional photographer has shown the beauty of event and happines of people. Awesome work of skilled master!

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