2008 – Year in Review

Wow!  2008 has definitely been a momentous year to say the least.  We welcomed our baby boy in February, I launched my new blog the same month (I was on the phone with my blog designer on the way to the hospital to make sure it gone done before Brayden was born!), I launched my new logo and branding, I shot 21 fabulous weddings, tons of awesome families, and I’ve seen my business grow in ways I could have never imagined!  I’m feeling a little nostalgic today so let’s take a walk down memory lane and looks at some of my favorite images from 2008!


Last January I was pregnant, huge, and very grumpy!  I was ready to get Brayden out of me!  But, I did have two fabulous weddings to shoot and I was not going to let anything stop me!

First was Lauren and Robert at 7 Degrees.  Jasmine snapped this shot of me.  At the time I didn’t think there was anything wrong with being 36 weeks pregnant and standing on a chair.  Now I just think I look silly!

But, the wedding was amazing and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it!

The following week was Ashley and Tyson’s wedding.  The night before my husband and I were driving to pick up a new lens and on the way home we got in an accident.  

The paramedics came and I was fine, but just super shook up.  I got sent to the hospital and they thought I was going to have the baby, but the contractions finally stopped and at 1am I was sent home.  As I was leaving the hospital I asked the nurse, “So, if I’m a wedding photographer and I have a wedding tomorrow can I go?”.  She told me I probably shouldn’t, but of course I still did.  Chuck came with me to make sure I was okay.  Although I had extremely swollen feet I was fine and the wedding was amazing!



Good thing I didn’t miss Ashley and Tyson’s wedding!  Brayden was 4 (very painful, excruciating, long) days late.  I rushed to launch my new blog and branding before Brayden was born.

Brayden was born on the 12th and he did a lot of this for the first few weeks.

A couple of days later Jessica came over to do our newborn pictures.

Hauggy and Brayden also did some quality bonding.


I was itching to shoot something other than my baby and dog so when two of my favorite people came in to town I made them do an engagement session!

Brayden turned one month old and I made the poor kid lay naked on a chair in the middle of a field.

But, it was a pretty picture :)

One of my favorite families also came in to town and I made them do a family shoot.  Are you seeing a trend here?  I was bored so I made everyone do a shoot whether they liked it or not!

UCLA lost the NCAA tournament … again.  But, Brayden sure did love basketball!


My first official month back on the job and it was a good one!

First up was Baby Griffin.  What a cutie!

Then onto Chelsea and Sean’s unforgettable engagement session!

And Nikki and Jeff’s fabulous wedding!



The month started off with Natalie and Scott’s wedding.  They just so happened to get married 10 years to the day that Chuck and I had our first date!

Then I got to shoot a cool baby with a cool name.  Baby Drew!

I shot a few awesome engagement sessions!

Krista and Erik

And Shelley and Dave

And I also got to shoot one of my all time favorite couples with their new little guy.  Gina, Joel, and Baby Julian!

And guess what?  Gina is pregnant with baby number 2 and she’s due on Julian’s 1st birthday!  Stay tuned for more pictures of this gorgeous family next year!



Lots of wedding this month!

Jackie and Stephen


Matt and Rachel in Boise

And Chelsea and Sean at The Montage

Brayden kept getting cuter!

And I shot another awesome engagement session



Brayden was feeling patriotic on the Fourth of July

Another one of my favorite families came into town for a shoot

And Alex and Corey got married!  I just adore these two!


And Baby Cameron came to visit me for a few pictures!



I went up to Berkeley to shoot Ki and Andrew’s engagement session.  Can’t wait for their May wedding!

Janelle and David were married!

Shelley and Dave were married


I got my very own fan club on Facebook thanks to my BFF and number one fan Christy!

Leslie and Husam were engaged

Another one of my favorite families came into town for a shoot


And Brayden Bittel learned how to sit!  Woohoo!


I went to Northern California for Romy and Ryan’s engagement shoot at Ryan’s family vineyard!

Sandy and Dave were married

Trista shot an awesome family session for us!

Tara and Tyrone were married

Brayden went to Disneyland for the first time

I shot Lorraine’s maternity session

And Krista and Erik were married!



Heather and Justin had their engagement session at the “Happiest Place on Earth”

Alison and Wayde were married

Another successful Bengard family shoot

As well as another successful Imus family shoot

And Tracy and her family won my Nie-Nie auction

And last, but not least, Brayden Bittel was the cutest sock monkey ever!


Heidi and Chris’ engagement session.  They are my first 2009 wedding!  Can’t wait!

Brayden Bittel was excited about our new President!

Another fun shoot with the Cox family

I had fun with Brayden’s future wife, Baby Caroline

And we braved fires to shoot the Ramirez wedding



My FAVORITE family shoot of the year!

I taught my first mentoring session and it was so much fun!  I can’t wait for the sessions I have scheduled next year!

We headed south of the border for Krista and Vince’s Puerto Vallarta wedding

My last family session of the year was so much fun!

And here’s a sneak peek of my last engagement session of the year!


Wow!  That made me tired and was much longer than I intended it to be!  Pat yourself on the back if you’re still reading :)  

Thanks again to everyone for making it such a successful year for DrewB Photography!  I can’t wait to share everything I have in store for next year!  I hope everyone has a very safe and happy New Year!

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12 Responses to 2008 – Year in Review

  1. kristi says:

    Sooooooooo cute!! Love reading your commentary too!

  2. Jamie says:

    what a great year. Can’t wait to keep up with your 2009!!

  3. Daryn says:

    Drew, you bring so much joy to your blog-readers. It’s been such a pleasure “following” you this year. Wishing you and your family all the best in 2009 — and hopefully a wedding shoot for me and Chip!! :)

  4. risa west says:

    This is an awesome post. My favorite that I have seen to ring in the new year…I might just borrow your idea next year. Good luck with the coming year, and I have become a fan as well!

  5. jamie says:

    good stuff!
    can’t wait to meet you in just a couple of weeks!!!!!

  6. Bobbie Brown says:

    Awww… what a great review of the year!! Love your work and can’t wait to ‘follow’ you in 2009. Happy New Year!

  7. Ashley says:

    I love the year in review type posts, especially when they’re long =), and I love it even more that I made it on this one and I was able to be a part of your year! Ha ha. That photo is actually our desktop image at the moment so I think you read my mind! Here’s to 2009 and many more awesome images to come!

  8. Trista says:

    Awesome post Drew! I loved reliving your year and loved all the pics!

  9. AaronofAHS says:

    good times friend

  10. Ashley Rose says:

    I love this year in review :) awesome Drew! I heart Janelle and Daves pics, so glad they made the blog again!!!! Cant wait for my mentoring sess! Woot!

  11. Petra says:

    Wow Drew! That was awesome seeing all the wonderful things you’ve done for the past year! What a great idea! I really enjoyed reading every one of them. You should make it into an album! I can’t wait to see what 2009 will bring!!! :D

  12. nicole green says:

    looks like a fantastic year! :) i hope it’s 100 times better this year! :)

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