The Williams and Oman Families

I don’t remember exactly how I met Jen.  I know it was in her bakery.  I’m pretty sure it was when I was ordering Kennedy’s first birthday cake and we realized our daughters were born at the same hospital just a few days apart.  I’ve ordered every one of my kid’s birthday cakes from Beverly’s Best.  Because the cake is pretty much the most important part of a party if you ask me. And I’m a bit of a cake snob.  So, I have to go to the best to order our cakes.  And it gives me an excuse to grab a chocolate chip cookie from the bakery too.  Because I’m also a cookie snob and they have THE BEST chocolate chip cookies.  Okay.  Now I’m really craving a chocolate chip cookie.

Jen asked me to photograph a session with their close friends who were in town visiting from Minnesota.  They only get to see each other about once a year and wanted some pictures to commemorate their trip.  How fun is that?  I love how relaxed this session was.  Just a lot of running around on the beach.  Playing some football and jumping in the waves.  I think they should take me on all of their annual trips so I can document them.  Where are we going next year?  ;)


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