The Wiggins Family

It’s really crazy how fast time flies.  I was convinced that Mason was at least six months.  He sits.  He pulls up on furniture.  He’s a big guy.  And it really seemed like it had been six months since his newborn shoot.  No.  He’s only four months.  Four months!  He’s the most advanced baby I’ve ever met!  The kid is going to be walking when he’s six months!

Andrea and Dana are clients that have turned into friends.  I look forward to each and every one of their shoots and feel so honored to have been their photographer since the beginning.  And Andrea brings me Diet Coke after I asked for donations on Facebook.  How could I not love her?

Andrea and Dana have transitioned into the roll of parents so easily. They are totally easy going and Mason is so happy. They are such a cute little family. Just love them all!

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  1. Nicole says:

    What an adorable family. I love your work :)

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