The Trujillo Family

The last time I photographed this family they were a family of 2 becoming a family of 3.  Now they are a family of 3 and will soon be a family of 5.  Yes.  This teeny, tiny mama is pregnant with two baby boys. I don’t understand how 2 babies can fit inside her tiny body!

Selena describes being pregnant with twins as being 9 months pregnant for 3 months.  Yikes.  However, she didn’t complain once.  She is such a trooper.

I was so excited to get to see little (now big) Ava.  We shot their maternity session just about 3 years ago and I’ve only seen Ava once or twice running into them at random places.  Beyond being beautiful, which is obvious, she is such a fun little girl.  She will be an excellent big sister.  I have no doubts.

Big congrats to Selena, Mark and Ava!  Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to meet your cute little men!

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2 Responses to The Trujillo Family

  1. Bobbie Brown says:

    Okay, so this post is FULL of amazing and gorgeous photo’s…but can I just say that a sure fav for me is the Mom leaning on the tree? AMAZING! Canvas worthy for sure.

  2. So beautiful! You do an amazing job capturing the light.

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