The Toney Family

Courtney is the super talented owner of  Joyful Weddings and Events.  I was so bummed last year when I wasn’t available to take their family pictures.  This year I was able to get them in and I’m so glad we did because I had a lot of fun!

We started out shooting some pictures for Courtney’s Etsy shop, Joyful Joyful.  She sells the cutest banners and flags, which are perfect for a wedding or for your home.  And I love her newest cupcake toppers!  So cute!

IMG_3847copyweb copy

14 copy

IMG_3934copyweb copy

I’m in love with this vintage table and chairs from Found Vintage Rentals

13 copy

Yummy cupcakes from My Sweet & Saucy

16 copy

After we got all of the “work” out of the way, we had some fun with Courtney’s family pictures.  Courtney’s son, Isaiah, is just a few months older than my son.  It was fun seeing how similar they are.  As soon as I started singing the Thomas the Train theme song I had him wrapped around my little finger :)  And Courtney and David are expecting a new baby boy in February!  We’re going to do a maternity shoot when Courtney’s belly is a little bigger :)  For now, here’s the slideshow!

IMG_4728copy copy

IMG_4832copy copy

IMG_4860copy copy

IMG_4869copycopy copy

IMG_4939copy copy

IMG_5038copy copy

IMG_5043copy copy

IMG_5196copy copy

IMG_5264copy copy

IMG_5366copy copy

IMG_5499copy copy

IMG_5545copy copy

IMG_5561copy copy

IMG_5921copy copy

IMG_5970copy copy

IMG_6017copy copy

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5 Responses to The Toney Family

  1. OMG…This kid is so cute!!! ^_^ Lovely pictures!!!

  2. Thanks again! We love them so much and I know that the ones of my products are going to be amazing in my shop! We’ve had friends and family all day telling us how much they love the pictures :)

  3. emily says:

    love these guys and how you captured their sweet personalities! also, the light is killer. and i want to eat all those cupcakes. done.

  4. Megan Plenge says:

    Yeah!! SO cute!! LOVE these… :)

  5. Cindy says:

    Love the images!

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