The Simmons Family

One of the great things about my photography business is that it has reconnected me to old friends.  Nicole is one of those friends.  Nicole and I grew up together.  Playing softball and going to school and later I cheered with her younger sister.  And not only do I get to reconnect with those friends, but I get to know their families as well.  It’s really crazy seeing everyone all grown up with their own families.  Some of their kids are almost the same ages that we were when we met.  

Nicole is the mom to three wonderful kids.  I had so much fun with them!  Her youngest, Gracie, is just a couple of weeks older than Brayden.  I don’t know how she does it with 3 when I can barely handle one.  But, they are all so well mannered and fun!  I especially had a great time with Kate.  She’s at such a fun age where she likes getting her picture taken and takes direction so well.  She was a huge help with handling wild child, Vince, and getting him to smile for me!  Poor kid busted his chin open a couple of days ago.  Sad for him, but I’m happy it happened after our shoot :)  

So, here’s your blog, Nicole!  I know you’ve been waiting anxiously!  And enjoy your slideshow too!

IMG_1985copy copy

IMG_2193copy copy

IMG_2225copy copy

IMG_2362copy copy

IMG_2457copy copy

IMG_2462copy copy

IMG_2535copy copy

IMG_2595copy copy

IMG_2602copy copy

IMG_2635copy copy

IMG_2637copy copy

IMG_2670copy copy

IMG_2750copy copy

IMG_2762copy copy

IMG_2808copy copy

IMG_2869copy copy

IMG_3001copy copy

IMG_3007copy copy

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7 Responses to The Simmons Family

  1. Catharine says:

    wow, lovely pictures with some lovely light!

  2. nicole simmons says:

    Oh Drew…Im just speechless….they are just beautiful…Kate and I looked at them this morning before school and I got all teary….we were late to school today to say the least. To me these pictures are not just “family portraits”..the way you captured my family is artistic, unique and heart warming. Truly treasured art that I will have for a lifetime. You were wonderful with my kids and I had so much fun planning everything with you too…Thank you Drew

  3. Gina Cortez says:

    Your family is beautiful.. Your beautiful your kids are so lucky to have such a sweet mom

  4. Georgia says:

    Wow….amazing pictures. They capture the true spirit of your family Nicole. I love them!!!!

  5. Lindsay says:


  6. Julie Carson says:

    What a beautiful sweet family! I love the warm honey light and the girlies’ dresses. Magical.

  7. Kayla says:

    These are beautiful! I love the lighting!

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