The Secoda Family – 2014

The day of this session we cancelled it and then it was back on.  We cancelled it again and then we changed locations and then we finally decided to just go for it.  Krista is a photographer herself and she understand how important light is.  While we didn’t get much sun and it was a bit cold I’m happy we went ahead with the shoot.  Sometimes shooting when it’s overcast isn’t a totally bad thing.  I love the way this shoot turned out.  In fact I’ve had quite a time narrowing down my favorites!

The Couple: Krista and Joe

The Story: Joe and I met teaching at Valencia High School in 2004. He was a long term sub in the classroom across from me and used to send students over to ask
me for random classroom supplies. He finally got the nerve to come talk to me one night when I was working late in my classroom and he had just finished football practice. Of course I’d come back to work in my sweats since no one else was on campus and he invited me to go out to eat with all the coaches. Sweatpants and all, I went, and by the time we got back to school, the gates had been locked up and I couldn’t get to my car. He took me home and offered to pick me up for work the next morning. He showed up with coffee for me (not knowing I was a Diet Coke for breakfast girl) and the rest is history.

We got married, in the rain, on New Year’s Eve 2005.

The Kids:

Kylie is 7 and she’s our little perfectionist. She is such an old soul. She’d much rather sit and talk with the moms than go play with the kids, so we always have to remind her that we just want her to have fun and be seven. She’s a super star on the soccer field, loves reading chapter books with her mama, watching sports and hanging out with Daddy at the baseball field, and just has the most compassionate heart ever.

Kenzie is 5 and I’m pretty sure she’s going to be on Saturday Night Live someday. She’s the life of the party and the first words out of her mouth every morning are usually “what friends can I see today?” She secretly loves that she’s hilarious although she’ll pretend to be shy if we try to get her to perform. She’s wild and crazy, an absolute fashionista, and loves her people fiercely. She also gives the best bear hugs ever.

Kate (Kate the Kat) is 1 and she is so much like Kylie. She looks exactly like Kylie did at her age and has all the same little mannerisms. She loves being outside and starts pointing at the front door as soon as she wakes up. She has spent pretty much every evening of her life at soccer practice, so it’s not surprising she feels happiest when she’s running free in the grass. She loves to dance, play peek-a-boo, and kisses every single baby and animal in her books with a big “muuuuu-aaaah!”

The Session:

I’ve been wanting to have Drew do our family pictures at the beach forever. We love the beach and I’ve lived in CA my whole life, but we’ve always opted for more urban and country locations. Kate is our last baby, so I wanted to go all out for her one year session and have Drew work her beach magic :)

The Fine Print:

Make sure everyone eats (a lot) before the shoot. It’s so easy to get caught up in hair, and makeup, and rushing around making sure we have everything we need for the shoot. Especially with small kids (and husbands), it’s so important to make sure no one is hungry when it’s go time.

The Outfits:

Joe: Shirt from Penguin, Hudson Jeans, Chucks

Krista: Shirt from American Eagle, Sweater from Daisy Shoppe, Hudson Jeans, Chucks

Kylie: Shirt from Tilly’s, shorts from Abercrombie

Kenzie: Shirt from Abercrombie, jeans from Gap Kids

Kate: Shirt from Peek Kids, romper from Gymboree, hair accessories from Cotton On

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  1. Eduard Kooij says:

    These are really beautiful photographs, everyone looks very nice.. Lovely family ..

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