The Schult Family

The Schult family was visiting Orange County from Colorado and I just fell in love with little Brekyn.  When he informed me that he has super fast racing socks I knew we would be BFF’s.  My boy has super fast racing shoes, but I have never heard of super fast racing socks.  Brekyn told me I can buy them from the mall.  Who knew?  And they totally worked because we raced me and he beat me!

Bryndi is a great photographer and she made my job so easy.  Blaine and Bryn are high school sweethearts.  Brynn fell for Blaine in 4th grade! They were friends all through school and started dating at the end of high school. 13 years later and they are still so in love!

I loved capturing their love for one another and for Brekyn.  They all made my heart happy!

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8 Responses to The Schult Family

  1. Kelly says:

    Such a cute session!!

  2. paige says:

    What an adorable family!!! I LOVE shot of them sitting on the sand! You are awesome!

  3. Carlee says:

    LOVE these! They are all so good and capture the family love and fun so well. :)

  4. Candice says:

    So sweet and amazing!

  5. kris hoskinson says:

    amazing pics!

  6. Kimble says:

    Their boy is so handsome and your photos are amazing!

  7. Bryndi says:

    I love looking at these. Thanks so much for capturing priceless moments! I am hoping to make some printing decisions in the next couple weeks!!

    Hugs -

  8. Andrea Lane says:

    Absolutely love seeing these pictures! Bryn captures so many important and stunning moments through her work here in Colorado and it’s so special to see hers caught so beautifully!

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