The Rosales Family

The Rosales family is expecting a new addition very soon so we did a maternity / family session! Baby Reyes is due to arrive at the end of February! We lucked out with the weather and had a gorgeous winter day. Have I mentioned how much I love families that are up for anything? Well, I do and the Rosales family was up for anything. Lying on the ground, hiking through wooded areas, climbing through spiderwebs. They did it all and with a smile on their faces. I even got injured! A stick attacked me and my finger started bleeding :( I’m okay , though. Don’t worry about me! Manuel wins the Dad of the year award for 2009 so far. He actually had fun on the shoot! Most Dads aren’t super into it, but Manuel was finding great locations to shoot and great light. I love it when my families are as excited about their shoots as I am!

Congratulations Alex, Manuel, and Bryanna! I can’t wait to meet Baby Reyes! Here’s your slide show!

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5 Responses to The Rosales Family

  1. Ashley Rose says:

    Awesome location Drew! :) I love the last shot- the light is gorgeous!!!!

  2. Julie Ann says:

    You captured their family so well! I went to school with Alex and Manny and they are the sweetest couple! Great shots!

  3. Alejandra Rosales says:

    Drew, we really enjoyed ourselves. Wow, the photos are above and beyond what we expected. The slideshow made me cry! We look forward to seeing the rest. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work and talent.

  4. Ashley says:

    No pain, no gain! I’ve heard it many times before and I think it’s true! I remember the field we shot in and how I cut my foot! Ha ha. But it was totally worth it. We should design special gloves and shoes for shooting in fields like this! I love the last image by the way =).

  5. Trista says:

    You did a beautiful job Drew!

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