The Nygaard Family

What is better than ice cream for lunch, jumping on beds, good light and a loving and beautiful family?  Honestly, not a whole lot!  I loved shooting this family!  And it was a great surprise that Jeff is a UCLA alumni.  A great volleyball player, actually.  Renee and Jeff’s two little girls are gorgeous!  We already know they have their mom’s good looks and if they get their dad’s height they are both going to be supermodels for sure!

Thanks Renee and Jeff for inviting me into your home!  Here’s your slideshow!

IMG_3853copy copy

IMG_4017copy copy

IMG_4147copy copy

IMG_4187copy copy

IMG_4240copy copy

IMG_4257copy copy

IMG_4292copy copy

IMG_4366copy copy

IMG_4491copy copy

IMG_4690copy copy

IMG_5106copy copy

IMG_5112copy copy

IMG_5243copy copy

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9 Responses to The Nygaard Family

  1. Drew, I love how you achieve such clear, natural skin tones. I would love to hear how more about how you post process sometime, whether you use actions, adjust in RAW or these are SOC? BTW: I have lurked on your blog for a while and have two little boys myself. If you would ever like to get together some time for a playdate or talk shop, I think I live in your area. I recently found out that my friend Sandie Salisbury knows you and has been your second shooter in the past and I thought it was so cool that she knew you.

  2. Dennis says:

    These are so great Drew!

  3. these are fantastic!

  4. Tracy Blake says:

    Soooooo beautiful. Maybe my favorite shoot so far.

  5. Bobbie Brown says:

    I LOVE the colors in this shoot! Gorgeous family… and the overall ‘feel’ of the shoot is just amazing!

  6. Amy B. says:

    These are stunning! I know this family well and you sure captured them. I know Renee and family will cherish FOREVER!!

  7. Amy B. says:

    Another interesting factoid about Jeff Nygaard, he’s a pro player on the AVP tour, so now you all can show your support! Go Jeff!!

  8. Leslie G. says:

    I was trying to count out the pictures to highlight my favorites, but then I realized I would be commenting on the lot of them. I think my favorite number is: all. :) Beautiful family- what a treasure to have these pictures.

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