The Masuko Family

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck.  Thankfully it was only a little drizzle on their wedding day, but I think these two have had their share of good luck over the almost 7 years they have been married.  Now, 3 kids later I loved having the chance to finally photograph Alison and Wayde again.  Their kids are all awesome.  Funny and so different from one another.  Their oldest shares a birthday with my boy.  So he might be my favorite.  Don’t tell the others ;)

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3 Responses to The Masuko Family

  1. Linda says:

    Oh my goodness, the shot of mommy kissing baby is gorgeous. What a sweet, happy-looking face. All of these family photos are beautiful.

  2. Beautyful photos! I love the light, congrats!

  3. Mara says:

    The kids are so sweet and cute) Especially the baby)

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