The Maddux Family

When I got out of my car to meet the Maddux family for their session little Sawyer jumped out of the car and came up to me, “Drew!  I want to see the tractor!  Drew!  I want to see the trucks!  Drew!”.  Mind you, I have never met this little guy before, but he was already my BFF.  I love that!  Sawyer reminds me so much of Brayden.  He’s a whole year older so obviously he speaks much better, but a lot of the things he said and the way he said it made me think of B.  And then when I was editing the images I realized they looked even more alike than I realized.  The same pale skin, blue eyes, and tossled hair!  

And little Saige was just a doll.  So easy to work with and happy!  Love the 8 month age for babies!  They are usually so easy going!  It helps that Ron does the best Elmo impression I’ve ever heard!  I’m going to have to pay him to come on shoots and entertain kids!  And I had so much fun meeting Tara finally!  She’s so fun and easy going it’s no wonder her kids are the same!  Loved hanging out with this family!  Here’s the slideshow!

IMG_6691copy copy

IMG_6810copy copy

IMG_6840copy copy

IMG_6916copy copy

IMG_6965copy copy

IMG_7065copy copy

IMG_7102copy copy

IMG_7162copy copy

IMG_7176copy copy

IMG_7219copy copy

IMG_7322copy copy

IMG_7492copy copy

IMG_7511copy copy

IMG_7654copy copy

IMG_7828copy copy

IMG_7915copy copy

IMG_7982copy copy

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9 Responses to The Maddux Family

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Wow. I love all of these from the setting to the outfits they chose! What a beautiful family! They look so relaxed

  2. Tira J says:

    Totally gorgeous family! Just curious, which lens to you use the most for your family sessions?

  3. Briony says:

    what a gorgeous family. i love how all of your images are so natural…you have a wonderful way of capturing the genuine moments. beautiful job!

  4. emily says:

    such a beautiful family and beautiful photos! i’m partial to the little man . . . i have a sawyer too!

  5. Julie Carson says:

    The BABY CARRIAGE!!! I loooove it. How sweet is Sawyer? Love his name too. Awesome paint on the tractor too. Great location, beautiful family. Once again, Drew=amazing!

  6. Brooke says:

    Looks like so much fun! This location is a little boy’s dream for sure! Great work as always Drew! Gorgeous family!

  7. Mo says:

    Very nice this last shot of brother & sister is my favorite.

  8. Nina says:

    the little girl is absolutely precious!

  9. What great shots–a beautiful family and lovely colors!
    Well done!

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