The Mach Family

Our first shoot was cancelled due to weather.  Although, I might have cancelled it more for my benefit than theirs.  Yes, it was raining, but it was also FREEZING.  When I say freezing, I mean anything below 60 degrees.  However, that doesn’t really phase the Mach family because they are from Alaska.  The same weather I think is FREEZING is balmy to them.  I completely and totally admit I am a wimp.

I’m happy we did reschedule though because we had some beautiful California light for them.  And Chelsey appreciates the light because she is an AMAZING photographer up in Alaska.  Although I get nervous for shooting other photographers, it is my absolute favorite because they are so easy to photograph.  They get what it takes to get amazing pictures and they are so low stress.  And the best part is that their husbands get it as well and know just how much the session means to their wife.  I love that.

This session was loud, chaotic, crazy, but it was SO much fun!  This family loves each other.  They love to be together.  And I feel like because it was so low stress I was able to really capture the connections of this amazing family!

Get ready for picture overload because I have a lot of favorites!

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3 Responses to The Mach Family

  1. oh seriously, how beautiful!!!
    Awesome family.
    beautiful portraits!

  2. Blown away by this session, Drew. Great work!

  3. laureen says:

    just fabulous! but then really, how could you go wrong with such amazing subjects! I love the joy that was captured :)

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