The Imus Family – 2010

It’s official! The Imus family are my oldest clients. This is the 5th year I have shot their family session. It’s crazy to me that their youngest daughter, Kendall, was younger than Brayden when I started shooting their family. Now she’s a big first grader! I love how both of the girls are always so excited to see me and how they call me “Mrs Drew”. It’s really a special thing to get to capture a family growing year after year. I just love it!

However, it does get hard trying to find a unique location each year! Especially now that Jen is a photographer I know that she’ll be up for getting chased by the cops anything! That makes it even more fun!

Jen, Ron, Sydney, and Kendall – Thank you SO much for sticking by me and believing in me all of these years. I can’t even tell you how much your support has meant to me.  I really look forward to the time I get to spend with you all!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Here’s your slideshow!

IMG_1526copy copy

Sydney is so great in front of the camera.  She’s always followed direction so well!

IMG_1569copy copy

IMG_1584copy copy

IMG_1628copy copy

IMG_1684copy copy

IMG_1731copy copy

IMG_1772copy copy

IMG_1797copy copy

IMG_1894copy copy

These girls are literally turning into teenagers right in front of my eyes.  They both picked out their outfits.  So stylish!

IMG_1971copy copy

This was the first year that I really felt I captured Kendall so relaxed.  She’s always been a little hesitant and distracted in front of the camera.  She would rather talk to me and go explore rather than posing in front of the camera.  You can tell she’s really growing up!

IMG_2024copy copy

IMG_2038copy copy

Jen and Ron were such great sports.  The only hesitated for a second when I told them to climb on top of this giant bike :)

IMG_2288copy copy

IMG_2324copy copy

IMG_2387copy copy

IMG_2521copy copy

IMG_2596copy copy

IMG_2804copy copy

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3 Responses to The Imus Family – 2010

  1. Awww…..All so great :) Love the giant bike shot…And the little girl hugging her dad is so sweet.

  2. christi says:

    lovely photos! love, too, that you shot at ocgp and the old base buildings.

  3. Gorgeous photos!! You always get your lighting spot-on!! :)

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