The Howerton Family

It’s really crazy to see how much one family can change in just 8 months.  When I first met the Howerton family back in February they had just gone from being a family of 5 to a family of 6.  Kembe had just arrived from Haiti and could speak hardly any English.  It seemed that he wasn’t exactly sure where his place in the family was.  He was a ball of energy and a super sweet kid who was trying to learn a whole new life with a family.

Just 8 months later that same boy speaks fluent English.  I couldn’t even hear the slightest accent.  He is funny, fun, and loveable.  He loved on me the whole shoot giving me hugs and being my buddy.  Obviously this kid has awesome parents and a great family.  If you read Kristen’s blog you know that things haven’t always been easy for them.  They have their ups and downs like every normal family.  But, if you could just see how happy Kembe and all of their kids are, I think all that hard work has been worth it.  I just love this family.  Here’s the slideshow!

IMG_6506copy copy

IMG_6674copy copy

IMG_6791copy copy

Getting a natural smile out of kids isn’t easy.  How did I get this shot?  I actually didn’t do anything.  Right before this shot was taken Kembe farted and said, “Opps!  I tooted!”.  Classic!

IMG_6817copy copy

IMG_6892copy copy

IMG_6998copy copy

Jafta is such a great big brother.  Looks like he loves having another boy in the family!

IMG_7091copy copy

IMG_7122copy copy

India and Kembe have the same exact birthday.  If that isn’t fate I don’t know what is!  They just turned 4.  I love their relationship.

IMG_7222copy copy

IMG_7245copy copy

During our last session Karis wasn’t walking yet.  Now she’s a pro!

IMG_7540copy copy

IMG_7571copy copy

IMG_7593copy copy

IMG_7648copy copy

I love when we have time to get some alone time with Mom and Dad.  Thanks to Jennifer Imus for coming along and watching the kids so I could get these shots!

IMG_7701copy copy

IMG_7760copy copy

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11 Responses to The Howerton Family

  1. Kimmie says:

    I adore them, obvs. But these photos are amazing. Love this shoot, Drew. LOVE.

  2. Cat Watson says:

    I love this shoot, and this family seems really special. You can just tell they love each other! Great job in capturing that:)

  3. Diana C. says:

    Incredible photos and an amazing family. You are such a great photographer, I love seeing what you do!

  4. I don’t even know where to begin. I guess it’d be to say moms of four aren’t allowed to look that adorable. The kids just kep getting cuter and cuter. LOVE every. single. shot.

  5. Summer C. says:

    Beautiful shoot and family!

  6. Kristen says:

    Yay!! This is like Christmas morning. I love this so much. Thank you so much for capturing our family like this. These are beautiful.

  7. elizabeth says:

    what a sweet family. love the twinkle they have in their eyes

  8. Tanya Rudman says:

    Gorgeous! i want to grow a big beautiful family like this one day ♥

  9. Lauren r says:

    Drew, this family is so adorable! These pictures of them sure make me smile!

  10. Carolyn Conley says:

    “______________________” just speechless Drew. I have not visited the site in awhile due to school and hectic life right now….but I fell in love with your work all over again….You are truly amazing and I hope your new endeavor is as great as your photography.

  11. Beck says:

    Your photos are AMAZING! Such a beautiful family, and you captured them so well!

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