The Hof Family

For every family shoot that I do, my clients fill out info sheets so I can learn a bit more about their family.  When I read the Hof family’s info sheet, I was so impressed with the detail that Dana described her family.  I felt like I really, really knew them before going into this shoot.  Dana used the word love 15 times in her info sheet.  I love that.

The Hof family are from Florida and were in Los Angeles for a little vaca.  It was all of their first time to California except for Scott.  You can’t get much more LA than the Santa Monica pier and it made for the perfect backdrop for their pictures.

I’m going to use Dana’s words to describe her family because she does it way better than I ever could.

Meet Rowan:

He is our first born and a wonderful treasure. He is sensitive and curious. He talks from the minute he wakes up until he falls asleep.

We read stories most every night and his dad does “make up stories” just like Scott’s dad did for him. Both my husband and Rowan love to ride bikes and roughhouse. Rowan’s favorite color is azul. He will tell you that instead of blue.

I love Rowan’s bright smile. He is one of those people who when he smiles, his entire face lights up. I love the way he explains things with his hands and how my husband follows along with responsive facial expressions. I love to see Rowan laugh.

Meet Arden:

Arden is like the tasmanian devil in a Cinderella gown. She is on fire and fiercely independent. She is talkative and smart. When Arden enters a room, all eyes are on her. She will absolutely steal your heart.

I love the way she looks identical to me. We like to hold each other and stand in front of the mirror and say “look at us” and giggle. I just love Arden’s life and energy. She is alive. So alive.

Meet Scott:

We are best friends. Period. Scott saved me from a gold chain wearing redneck who would not stop talking to me the night we met. (wink) He was so cute and seemed smitten with me. We talked and talked and talked. I couldn’t imagine my life without Scott.

I love it, love it when my kids snuggle with us. They are so independent and it happens so rarely.

Rowan almost died on July 22, 2010. It is a day that is etched in mine and my husband’s memory forever. My husband, a doctor, had to perform lifesaving measures on Rowan and he was intubated and put on life support (breathing machine). I stayed awake for two straight days by his side and prayed desperately for God to spare our son. He was revived from his drug-induced coma and was perfect. Like nothing happened. Two weeks later, he was diagnosed with epilepsy.

He now receives evaluations and treatment at the University of Florida, by a renowned pediatric epileptologist and has been given an 80% chance of eventually growing out of the condition. He is now on medication and we carefully monitor his hydration and sleep habits, we believe to be an important key in the management of his condition.

As a photographer, photos are a huge part of my life, but never have they meant more as my precious child lay unconscious on a breathing machine. I am so grateful for these images that show our family, full of life and happiness. I look at the image of him on the carnival game and smile, not because it’s fun, but because it reminds me of how close we came and how blessed we are.

We now, fully understand how broken we would be without these children and would be lost without them. We love to play and laugh and love each other desperately.

Thank you, Dana, for sharing your family’s story!  I enjoyed meeting you all so much and hugged my little guy a little tighter when I got home that night from your shoot.  Life is so short.

By the way, Dana is a photographer in Florida.  Be sure to check out her work!

Here’s the slideshow!

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13 Responses to The Hof Family

  1. Noel Kelley says:

    Those are AMAZING!!!! I seriously want to come out there so you can capture my girls!!!!!

  2. Leah says:

    Great choice to use Dana’s words. Her love for her family is overwhelming. Well done Drew, in capturing their story!

  3. vinnie says:

    I am in tears reading Dana’s words. They fit so perfectly with the beautiful images you took!

  4. Erin says:

    Amazing photos! I love the story that they tell.

  5. What an amazing story and a beautiful family! Really touching with your gorgeous photos.

  6. Laura says:

    WOW!!! What an amazing place to shoot, I LUV the vibrant Colors, Absolutely Perfect!!!! Amazing Work!

  7. Mary Phillips says:

    This amazing, beautiful, and loving family is my granddaughter, her husband, and their children. She is so gifted with words and her photographs easily compare with yours. These are absolutely alive with the energy of this wonderful family.

  8. Pam Dean says:

    Drew, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for these wonderful shots of my daughter and family! Thank you for truly capturing the love and joy I see in them. Next time we’re in Cali, I’ll be calling. Amazing!!

  9. kristin says:

    What a beautiful “love” story. Beautiful work as well in capturing this gorgeous family.

  10. Bobbie Brown says:

    wow! Love the words, and the pictures :)

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  12. kelly garvey says:

    you are so inspirational & incredible at what you do, drew!

  13. These seriously make me cry. As a photographer myself, I very rarely have pictures of me and my kids playing, and what better place to play then the Santa Monica, Pier. You captured this so perfectly. Great work!

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