The Gill Family

Jill (yes, her name is Jill Gill) and Brandon are expecting baby number two very soon! So, we did one last shoot to document them as a family of three before their little boy arrives! I’ve shot Jill and Brandon’s engagement pictures, was a guest at their wedding, did their first maternity pictures, Cami’s newborn pictures, Cami’s one year pictures, and now maternity/family session #2! Whew!

Cameron just turned two and she is such a ball of energy! She’s adventurous and funny and I love how when she hugs she hugs with all of her little mite. She loves candy and has to have two pieces each time you give her some. Her favorite tv show is Dora and she says, “Oh, man!”. She’s going to be a great big sister!

I can’t wait to meet their little man in a little less than 7 weeks. If you ask Jill she’ll say he’s coming closer to a month! We’ll see! Here’s the slideshow!

IMG_2494copy copy

IMG_2547copy copy

IMG_2623copy copy

IMG_2655copy copy

IMG_2731copy copy

IMG_2744copy copy

IMG_2773copy copy

IMG_2916copy copy

IMG_2954copy copy

IMG_3029copy copy

IMG_3048copy copy

IMG_3081copy copy

IMG_3184copy copy

IMG_3273copy copy

IMG_3334copy copy

IMG_3512copy copy

IMG_3665copy copy

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8 Responses to The Gill Family

  1. Jessie Smith says:

    OH my goodness! What a cutie! I love those first three of her and the shot of Jill on the beach by herself is amazing! beautiful! :0)

  2. Jill Gill says:

    Love love love them Drew!!! AMAZING as always… you are the absoulte BEST! Thank you again so so so much for capturing these, we are so happy w them :)

  3. elizabeth says:

    What a sweet little face!!!! I love her smile. It’s so genuine and just looks to be such a happy child!

  4. Summer C. says:

    I swear you always have the cutest families to shoot! Love this.

  5. bobbie brown says:

    Okay… how can one pick a favorite when they are ALL so good?! I will say that the one of Jill by herself on the beach is a sure favorite though!

  6. Denise says:

    These are beautiful and Jill is a stunning model even when pregnant! Can’t wait to see the newborn pictures.

  7. Evie Perez says:

    Oh my word, this little girl looks like an angel!!!! These pictures are so good Drew. I can definitly tell this family had a fun session. Great pics!!!!

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