The Dunn Family At Disneyland

As I waited outside the entrance to Disneyland I kept seeing families of three walk by and I tried to figure out if they were my clients.  Then I spotted the most stylish family walking towards me and I said to myself “Please let this be my clients!  PLEASE let this be my clients!”.  I mean, their outfits.  They really nailed the perfect look for a Disneyland session.  Disneyland is already a fun place to shoot, but add a stylish AND fun family and I have to keep pinching myself.

The Dunn family contacted me about doing a session at Disneyland because every year they do a shoot while on vacation.  How fun is that?  And their son, Heuston, is at the absolute perfect age.  It was HOT and he did a fantastic job.  But, I mean, it really wasn’t a lot of work.  We mostly just went on rides and had a lot of fun!

When working with families I always try and capture what is unique to them and put myself in their shoes.  To anyone else this picture might not mean a whole lot, but Jason is a super talented barber in the Sacramento area.  I love that I caught this little moment making sure Heuston’s hair was just perfect.

Thanks Nicole and Jason for allowing me to capture these memories for you!  I will be calling you to help pick out my outfits for my own next family shoot :)

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  1. what a fantastic idea for a photo shoot. I must say our next trip might just include a photo session.

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