The Dunagan Family

We recently moved into a 1920′s Craftsman house.  I love old homes.  And when I found out that Kelly lives in a 1930′s Spanish style home I decided that it had to be the location for their shoot.  It is amazing.  Kelly’s husband (also named Kelly) has done an incredible job restoring the home and grounds.  It is just immaculate and was the perfect background for their session.

Baby India was 4 months at the time of our shoot.  She was so happy and content.  One of my favorite ages to shoot.

I love shooting in client’s homes.  I feel like the shoots are so personal.  The locations are always so unique and no one else will have images in that same location.  Thanks for welcoming me into your beautiful home, Kelly!


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  1. kelly dunagan says:

    Drew – Thank you so much! I absolutely love these photos. You’ve helped me capture this time in our lives of intense joy and marvel of our beautiful little baby girl. And to top it off, you captured some beautiful photos of the house. Can’t wait to share these with Kelly.

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