The Davis Family

It’s been a few years since I’ve gotten this family in front of my camera.  They’ve changed a bit since then!

Sam and Griffin are just the sweetest kids.  I’ve been photographing Sam since she was a baby and refused to give me a smile.  Thank goodness she’s a little easier to photograph now :) She recently donated her hair to Locks of Love.  She has such a giving soul.

Kristi let me “practice” on Griffin when he was born and I was just learning how to shoot newborns.  And now he’s starting kindergarten!  He’s a funny boy who loves superheros.

Kristi is my go to computer guru.  She’s always willing to help me with my plethora of computer issues and answer my annoying questions :)   I so appreciate her help and support! Her family also runs a local Orange County Escape Room which is super cool!

Thanks, Davis family!  I think they will look great in your new home!


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2 Responses to The Davis Family

  1. I love the setting in these images. Great job Drew

  2. Lisamarie says:

    What a small world, Drew! I taught sunday school to Sammy and Griffin at my old church. They are the cutest and sweetest kids!!

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