The Cox Family

I love my repeat clients.  The ones who have been with me from the beginning.  Who trusted me then and still trust me now.  They feel like family and even though I only get to see the once a year it’s just so comfortable.  None of the having to get to know each other.  It’s all about catching up on what they’ve been up to for the past year and  having fun!

The Cox family is no exception.  This is their third session with me and I always have so much fun with them.  Kylee is now in high school and has just grown into the most gorgeous young woman (I wish I had her skin when I was in high school!) and Lexee is just as funny as ever.  I could have shot them for hours, but Lexee was hungry :)  Natasha and Joe are planning their wedding for next Fall.  Hopefully I will get to shoot it :)  Thanks for hanging out and having fun!  I’ll see you next year!  Here’s your slideshow!

IMG_0766copy copy

IMG_0803copy copy

IMG_0870copy copy

IMG_1079copy2 copy

IMG_1126copy copy

IMG_1238copy copy

IMG_1278copy copy

IMG_1325copy copy

IMG_1475copy copy

IMG_1622copy copy

IMG_1760copy copy

IMG_1780copy copy

IMG_1848copy copy

IMG_1890copy copy

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3 Responses to The Cox Family

  1. Catharine says:

    Beautiful light! I miss light. It has been raining for days here and there is no end in site. ugg!

  2. Angela says:

    What a beautiful family and your slideshow really is out of this world. Question Drew. Could you please tell me .What song is playing on this slideshow or who is the artisit??….the music you choose is PERFECT!

  3. Ryel j says:

    Great shoot! I love the photo where you can see only the little girl hugging her family! Great lighting on that one!

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