The Comi Crew

When Brandi contacted me and told me she had not one, but two redheaded children I jumped at the chance to photograph them!  I love redheads!  I’m married to one and am still not totally convinced that Brayden won’t end up one too.  

This family was so much fun!  Sienna is a ham!  Loves to be in front of the camera.  She was very easy to get a smile out of, but my goal was to get some natural smiles out of her and I finally did at the end!  Roman was a little more difficult to get smiling, but once I figured out how to make him happy he was a ton of fun!  Such a cutie!  By the way, Roman has the biggest feet I have ever seen for a 2 1/2 year old!  He’s going to be a tall guy!  

Thanks, Brandi and Mitch!  It was so much fun getting to know you and your family!  Here’s your slideshow!

IMG_8057copy copy

IMG_8255copy copy

IMG_8289copy copy

IMG_8440copy copy

IMG_8470copy copy

IMG_8501copy copy

IMG_8566copy copy

IMG_8588copy copy

IMG_8693copy copy

IMG_8723copy copy

IMG_8813copy copy

IMG_8883copy copy

IMG_8989copy copy

IMG_9032copy copy

IMG_9141copy copy

IMG_9101copy copy

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6 Responses to The Comi Crew

  1. Briony says:

    these are so fun!

  2. gorgeous family, drew! and crisp images as usual!

  3. Aw, these are so cute!! What an adorable family and awesome location!! Sweet! :)

  4. Tracy says:

    Love these!!!! What a beautiful family. And the location is PERFECT.

  5. Bobbie Brown says:

    Love the wagon/kissing shot! Too cute! All of them are great and the location is awesome!!

  6. Roman Comi says:

    I love little me..

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