The Chandler Family

Mary contacted me a few months ago and asked me to shoot her family’s pictures at Disneyland.  Engagement sessions I’ve done at Disneyland before and they are tough.  You have to shoot around the crowds.  People walk in front of you.  The light isn’t my most favorite.  And then I thought about throwing kids into the mix… Basically I told Mary I thought it was a bad idea.  She convinced me to try it and I must admit that Mary was right.  Disneyland was perfect for her family.  You can tell that Disneyland holds a very special place in Mary’s heart.  She has many great childhood memories from going there with her family and I love how she is carrying that on with her own children.

We got very lucky with the weather.  The week prior to our shoot the weather said rain.  But, we waited it out and decided the night before it was a go although still said rain.  And guess what?  We got no rain!  Because everyone else thought it was supposed to be raining the park was as empty as Disneyland can possibly ever be.

Thanks to the Chandler family for being so awesome and dealing with the crazy weather!  I had a blast and I hope you all did too!  Here’s your slideshow!

Be very careful when riding backwards on Thunder Mountain!  Almost lost my brand spakin’ new 16 – 35!  Yikes!  And also, I think I got whip lash!  Dangerous!  But, I love the shot :)

IMG_5372copy copy

IMG_5447copy copy

IMG_5501copy copy

IMG_5554copy copy

IMG_5596opy copy

IMG_5692copy copy

IMG_5858copy copy

IMG_5924copy copy

IMG_6027copy copy

IMG_6243copy copy

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22 Responses to The Chandler Family

  1. Ummm could this family be any cuter!? Awesome job Drew, I’m sure they just LOVE these pictures of their family!! :)

  2. Karlee says:

    I love, love, love these! I mean, I always love your photos. You never cease to amaze me Drew! I guess it helps to have a beautiful family to shoot too :)

  3. kim says:

    those are great photos — love them all!!

  4. Ashlee says:

    This is so awesome!! It makes me miss SoCal. I moved back to Idaho last fall from Claremont and I miss it soooo much! Especially Disneyland! My season pass is still good through July and it’s sitting sadly in my wallet. :(

  5. Very nice Dland session. The lighting can be difficult there, but you made it work beautifully.

  6. Evie Perez says:

    Oh my – what a FUN idea!!! Drew these pictures are fabulous!! You are such a photostar!!

  7. Brooke says:

    Um, these photos SERIOUSLY rock!!! Disney should buy these from you ASAP!!! I can’t even imagine living close enough to Disneyland to be able to do photo shoots there. I mean, living in Vermont and all we got is mountains! HA! So cool Drew, SO cool! Gosh, now i want to go to Disneyland/World even more! PS – i think my favorite IS the one on the roller-coaster…LOVES it!! :)

  8. Robyn says:

    Great photos!! Looks like fun.

  9. denisha says:

    What a fun session! I love the energy in these pictures.

  10. megan welker says:

    goodness drew! These are amazing!! What a fun family session! The clouds look unreal in these photos and that family is adorable!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    What a fun shoot! Those kids are so stylish. I love their outfits!

  12. annie says:

    This is absolutely the best session I have ever seen!! I love it! Great job Drew and what an adorable family.

  13. Amy C says:

    Fun, fun, fun!!! These are FAB U LOUS!!

  14. Christina says:

    Absolutely love this session! Having been to Disneyland twice as a kid and WDW as an adult, I wish we’d had family portraits like this — maybe one day when I have a family of my own! Hope your neck/back are alright! And how much do you love the 16-35 after this session?

  15. Lydia says:

    One of my favorite family shoots! You can tell they’re having fun and love to spend time with each other!

  16. Oh I am in love with the Thunder Mountain shot!! That looks risky but one that I’m sure anyone would do to get that awesomely fabulous shot :-)

    Great Disney fam pictures.

  17. Hi.

    I was so jealous when I saw this.

    My family and I are Disney FANATICS!

    How much would you charge for something like this?

    It’s funny because today on facebook I was saying how this would be a dream of mine and then a friend sent me this link =]

    Please let me if you would be able to do something like this for us.

    Thanks so much,


  18. Bobbie Brown says:

    Oh my goodness the shot of the little boy kissing his sisters cheek and each of them holding their parents hands…I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Seriously awesome shot!

  19. hope says:

    i love these pictures so much….i’d love a session like this for my family!

  20. Susanne says:

    I just have to say, this is my favorite family session that I have EVER seen!!!

  21. Hi there! I love this session… I came across it while looking for pictures of families that are shot with the 16-35 lens. I’m looking to rent one and use them for family sessions I have coming up… for something different and fun. I’m curious if you used this lens for all of these pictures? Thanks so much in advance. Your work is awesome. ~Jessica.

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