The Branam Family

Clients who are up for anything are fun.  Like shooting their maternity session in a laundromat.  A really cute pink and teal laundromat.

I really do appreciate clients who go along with my vision.  The really bad thing about Pinterest is I get clients who want shoots just like something they’ve seen on someone else’s blog. When you box in a photographer like that it’s hard to get creative.  And, to be honest, I hate copying another photographer’s ideas.  It’s much more fun to come up with my own ideas!

When I suggested the laundromat to Devon she was all for it.  I think it was worth dealing with the heat in there for these images.  Who knew laundromats were so hot?

Next time I see this family they will be a family of 4 and little Harper will be a big sister!  Yeah!

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11 Responses to The Branam Family

  1. Andrea says:

    Such a beautiful session. You’d never guess it was so hot, they look totally comfortable.

  2. Marcy says:

    Gorgeous, Fun and Creative! Beautiful work~as always! :)

  3. Jenny G says:

    Love this. Your creativity is killing me!

  4. So fun and gorgeous pictures! :)

    In the US you have such great and many different places to take photos! I have to drive around and see what I can find here, get ideas.

    How do you edit your pictures?

    you always have such light and the colors are amazing!!!


  5. Tira J says:

    Oh Drew! These images are beautiful! And I hear ya about Pinterest. xoxo

  6. Sarah Roman says:

    Ok so those laundrymat pictures are perfection! What a great idea Drew. I nominate Devon for the cutest pregnant person ever. Wow- you look amazing in your photos. Good luck with you baby girl- it was a pleasure to meet you at Camp Momtog!

  7. krissy says:

    Drew-I think this is my favorite session of all time! I love how creative this session was! Wow!

    My question is, do you take a ladder with you to achieve the different angles? Or were you climbing up on dryers? :)

    So inspired by your work! You have incredible talent, it is awe-inspiring!

    ~Krissy Evans

  8. drewb says:

    Hi Krissy!

    Nope, no climbing on dryers or ladders. For the shots from above I use my wide angle lens. Sometimes I hold it above my head to get the shot :)

    Thanks for your kind words!

  9. Leah says:

    Hey Drew- SUCH a fan of your work!!

    Can I ask, where do you get your pretty quilts & blankets? I love them!

  10. drewb says:

    Hi Leah – I pick mine up from all over. Target, antique stores, etc. The blankets used in this shoot though were the clients. I typically ask my clients to bring a blanket if they have one. That way my shoots have more variety.

  11. Bobbie Brown says:

    Looooooooooove love love love this session!

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