The Boretz Family

I don’t have favorite clients.  Because that would just be wrong of me to have a favorite client.  BUT, if I did the Boretz family would probably be at the top of that list.  There’s just a special bond that you have with clients when you have been there through so many of the most important moments of their lives.  Weddings, maternity session, and babies.  I love that I get to be their for them during all those times.

This session is a little bittersweet.  Probably the last maternity shoot I will do for them.  Unless they decide to go for #4, which I think they should since Ashley is the cutest pregnant girl ever.  Seriously, if I looked half as good as Ashley while pregnant I would be pregnant all the time.

The Couple: Ashley and Tyson

The Story: I met Tyson when I was fourteen, just before I started my freshman year of high school. We became quick friends and I developed a major crush on him. I’m pretty sure he felt the same for me, but he was a senior in high school at the time and the age difference was a bit much for us to really date each other and have a relationship. He always said he’d call me when I turned eighteen. And he actually did, sort of! We started dating shortly before my eighteenth birthday and we’ve been inseparable ever since. We’ve been together now for thirteen years.

I’ve been married to Tyson for six years and we have two children together and one more due at the end of May.

The Kids:

Reid: Our first child is a smart and spirited boy named Reid Jameson who turns 4 years old in July. He is a strong-willed and full of energy, but so gentle and sweet at the same time. He made me a mother for the first time and melts my heart on a daily basis.

Maeve: Our second child is a bashful and as sweet as they come, two year old girl named Maeve Annelise. She’s very smart and independent, but also quiet and shy. My favorite moments with her are the ones when she thinks no one is watching. I love to watch her sing and dance with no reservations.

Baby?: Our third baby will be born soon. We don’t know whether it’s a boy or girl and we are so excited to find out on it’s birthday.

The Session: We chose to have a special maternity/family portrait session with Drew to really capture this amazing time for my little family. Drew has captured so many special parts of our lives including our engagement, wedding, our first pregnancy, our two children as newborns, a family session, and now this. And there is no person better than her to do it for us. Drew is an especially talented person and considered a friend to me and my family. I’m thankful for all the ‘moments’ she has captured.

The Fine Print: The best advice I have for moms and families during their next photo session is to just go with the flow and enjoy it! Take deep breaths and smile. If your children are anything like mine, taking pictures can be tough and trying for your patience, but do your best to embrace it and take it all in. Stay relaxed and let your children be children. It all works out in the end.

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