The Bengard Family – 2012

If you’ve been reading my blog I’m sure you recognize this family.  You know the story.  Jamie and I have known each other since second grade.  Lived in the same neighborhood.  Even grew up in the same model house.  Played soccer together.  Went to prom with our now husbands together. Went our separate ways after high school.  After college I answered a job ad, which just happened to be at her family’s company.  We were reunited.  A couple of years ago they moved just a mile away from our house.  Yada, yada, yada.

What you may not know is that Jamie is an amazing friend.  She helps me so much in my business. She listens to me vent. She drops off fresh baked cinnamon rolls on random Sunday mornings. She decorates my front door on my birthday. She throws amazing baby showers even when I tell her I don’t want one.

Jamie is lucky enough to have two sisters. I don’t have any sisters. But, Jamie is practically like a sister to me. I appreciate her friendship so much. I appreciate her being an auntie to my kids. I love the fact that we’ve known each other for so long. I love that we have a history together. We are so lucky to have her and her family in our lives!

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3 Responses to The Bengard Family – 2012

  1. Jamie says:

    ummm, tears!! ;) You are seriously the bestest, and we are just as lucky to you have you guys in our lives! We love you and all the Bittels. And I love you like I love my own sisters. :) I’m so thankful that you answered that ad and we reconnected the way we did. I love that we are chugging away through motherhood together. I love that I can just call you to just say “Hi”, as I pass your house, or even for a “can you believe……” phone call. LOL. Thanks as always for such a beautiful gift for our family. Love you!

  2. carleigh says:

    i love this, drew! I loveeeeee the shot of superman pulling the two littles in the wagon. beautiful story.

  3. Lisamarie says:

    Oh Drew, these pictures are amazing. Do I get to join the same neighborhood, same model home club? My mom actually just sold her house this month. It’s sad. That neighborhood was fun to grow up in. But time brings new fun experiences. Jamie’s oldest boy is a Joyce through and through, right? And all three are as adorable as can be, and Jamie – just gorgeous!

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