The Agan Family

We’ve just been having the perfect weather.  And then the Agan family brought down the cold and rain from Seattle.  I was cold at this session, but I thought they’d be used to it.  It turns out I’m not such a wimp because they were cold too :)

I love that this family chooses to vacation in Southern California.  It means that I get to see them every couple of years.  Lindsey is a Full House loving, Jacaranda tree obsessed, Mom*tog who also happens to love the Seattle Seahawks (I don’t hold it against her).  I love her awesome husband because he flew her down to attend the first Camp Mom*tog two years ago.  I’ve also loved watching her kids grow on Instagram since our last session.  Ryder has a heart of gold and recently held a Mickey Mouse drive for their local children’s hospital in honor of Howie, a family friend who passed away from cancer.  But, Jordie might be my favorite Agan child.  Because after this session she now thinks I’m a Disney princess.  I mean, come on.  How could I not love that child :)

Hope to see you next year Agan family!


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