I’m thankful for my little guy and his two BFF’s, Dakota and Kylan.  These kids have been friends since they were 6 months old.  Not only am I thankful for these awesome kids, but also for their mommies and the friendship that we have!

Happy Thanksgiving!

IMG_0353copy copy

IMG_0464copy copy

IMG_0626copy copy

IMG_0639copy copy

IMG_0748copy copy

IMG_0848copy copy

IMG_0956copy copy

IMG_0993copy copy

IMG_0973copy copy

IMG_1017copy copy

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12 Responses to Thankful

  1. Victoria HM says:

    that last photo….warms my heart.

  2. Lydia says:

    Love love love these pictures! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. oh my, they are so cute! i love this little shoot! have a great thanksgiving!

  4. Sarah k says:

    Lovely shots! What a great idea for adding some more festivity to Thanksgiving!

  5. Tari says:

    LOVE all of these! The tee-pee is very cool!

  6. julie says:

    What a fun and magical day!!!! I love to see their little friendships and smiles. This makes me super happy today!!! I need to get a teepee!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Cat Watson says:

    so cute. that last one is just adorable, love it:)

  8. Hanh Nguyen says:

    OMG…. This is too CUTE! I just love everything about these pictures!

  9. Judy says:

    Drew! These are some great moments you captured as always!!! I love them all – esp the last one of the group hug! priceless!! I am sooooo bummed as I was out of pocket for the holiday and missed the discount on the unposing – I’ll be watching for that again? pretty please :) — Thanks for sharing your moments!!Hugs from Texas!

  10. I have to say, even though you cannot see the little girl in the last photo, that is by far my very favorite one. You can tell that she loves these friends so very much! The one guy is just in heaven getting the big squeeze from his friends, but the other guy is just kinda wishing she would let go. I love it!

  11. Love love love these pictures! Happy Thanksgiving!

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