Stella – 7 Months

I love Stella.  She is adorable and fun.  But, she is SO hard to impress.  She reminds me of the gymnast from the last Olympics. McKayla Maroney.  Plant a field of flowers for her.  Not impressed.  Bath tub in the middle of her backyard.  Not impressed.  Hang quilts in an old chicken coop.  Not impressed.  It just makes the smiles I did get that much better :)

I have loved getting to watch Stella grow and also watching her parents become truly amazing parents.  I had no doubts Danielle would be a great mom.  She was Brayden’s nanny and she had mama instincts before she even was a mom.  Stella is one lucky and loved little lady!

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One Response to Stella – 7 Months

  1. Becky says:

    SO Gorgeous!! I love the shots with her on the blanket with all the pillows!

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