Sawyer is One

So many of “my” babies are turning one lately.  Makes me so sad how fast time is flying by and that I won’t get to see these awesome families as often.  Little Sawyer turned one a few weeks ago.  She might just be the smartest one year old I’ve ever met.  She’s bilingual and knows more Spanish than I do.  And she really, really likes cake.  I think the only other person who might like cake more is her older brother, Jake.

Sawyer, you were not the easiest newborn to photograph, but as I have gotten to know you better I can see you simply didn’t want to sleep because you are so curious and inquisitive.  You didn’t want to miss out on anything!  Makes perfect sense now!  Happy birthday, little lady!

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  1. Trish says:

    I love the barrels dripping water!!! So cool!

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