Salena, Mark, and Baby Ava

Salena and Mark are high school sweethearts.  Mark couldn’t wait to marry Salena so he proposed to her in 2004 in a park that Salena played in as a little girl.  But, both Salena and Mark are ambitious people who wanted to finish school and start their careers before getting married.  After Salena graduated from nursing school and Mark graduated from the police academy, they were married after a three year engagement.  Now, three years later, they are starting their family and will be welcoming Baby Ava in September!

I met Salena at Ashley’s wedding in 2008 and I loved how welcoming she was.  Salena and Ashley are best friends and I think it’s so fun that they got to be pregnant together!  Salena had Mark and I cracking up during the entire shoot.  I would tell her to turn her head to the left and she would turn it right.  I would tell her to turn it right and she would turn it to the left.  I’m going to blame it on pregnancy brain :)  Mark and Salena are so open with one another and so trusting.  It’s an awesome thing to see!

Congratulations Salena and Mark!  I can already tell how much you love your baby girl!  She is a lucky little lady to come into this world with so much love already!  Here’s your slideshow!

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13 Responses to Salena, Mark, and Baby Ava

  1. Becca says:

    This is such a heartwarming photoshoot! It just feels really natural. What a sweet family.

  2. elizabeth says:

    to say gorgeous would be an understatement. these are awesome, drew!!!! i wish i wouldve done maternity pictures

  3. Amy C says:

    These are fabulous!!! Always love your work!

  4. Love the chalkboard signs! Great idea, and beautiful pics. :)

  5. Evie Perez says:

    I think these are one of my favorites sessions!!! I adore the signs especially the one that says “I’m the baby daddy”!! Great job Drew :)

  6. These are so great!

  7. Amie says:

    These pictures are wonderful!! Do you know where they got the chalk boards???

  8. julie says:

    They are soooo cute!!!! Love the light, the green, the chalkboard bubbles, the creek (or crick as my mother in law says… who says crick? Like you look at that word with your eyes, then pronounce it totally crazy. Baffles me… then there is warsh your hands… or let’s go to warshington…) anyway, what fun memories they will have of this amazing season in life. Beautiful Drew, beautiful.

  9. Christie says:

    These are amazing! Found you over at Joy’s Hope…

    GORGEOUS…just spent an ungodly amount of time looking over your posts and all I’ve got is OMG.


  10. Julie N says:

    Great photos… so talented. WHere are the chalk boards from? Also, Where is this beautiful creek located at?

  11. Heather says:

    I love love love these! Such creative ideas! I love the momma/baby daddy signs :)

  12. Jen Hodgen says:

    Congrats Salena and Mark! With such beautiful parents, Wayne and I can’t wait to see how beautiful baby Ava will be!

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