Melissa, Andrew, and Baby?

Melissa and Andrew are having a baby.  Melissa and Andrew are high school sweethearts.  They met while Melissa was on the softball team and Andrew was on the baseball team.  They both wore the same number.  Number 19.  Number 19 keeps popping up in their lives and they see it in random places.  They got married on October 19.  Melissa’s birthday is May 19.  I hope their baby is born on July 19.

Melissa and Andrew are having a baby and they aren’t finding out what it is!  I only wish I had the patience to wait.  What an amazing surprise!  I have my thoughts on what their baby is, but I will keep my guess to myself.  I guess we will have to wait until July to find out!  Until then, here is the slideshow!

There’s that number 19!

I love the way Andrew makes Melissa smile.

Coolest fetus ever!  It is giving a thumbs up!


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7 Responses to Melissa, Andrew, and Baby?

  1. tamsen says:

    stunning!!! and that really is the COOLEST us pic ever!

  2. amy says:

    love the pics and that ultrasound is amazing. i loooove the thumbs up!!!

  3. Sivyu says:

    That second picture of Melissa is so beautiful! I love the ultrasound. How cool.

  4. Lori says:

    I love the pictures… ALL of them! You did an awesome job capturing the relationship between Melissa, Andrew and Baby!! And the accompanying music was perfect! Made Mom cry!! :)

  5. Erica May says:

    Wonderful session! She is a beautiful momma-to-be!

  6. Beautiful shots. Wow!

  7. Kimmie says:

    Awww! Drew, another amazing shoot! I went to school with both of them. Andrew and I actually had every class together from kindergarten through sixth grade. :) I love seeing them in love- so wonderful! And that ultrasound photo is awesome. Love it!

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